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The Observer Getting Some Great Reviews!

The Observer has gotten it’s first great Review on Amazon (there is another, but…let’s not talk about that one.)

Feel free to check it out at the link below!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"No Vampires" Facebook Page Launched

Hello everyone!

As part of the awesomeness of the release of my first book, and partly as a method to help promote it, I have started a new Facebook Page titled “No Vampires”.

No Vampires

The goal of the group is simple: to promote works of Paranormal Romance (and all the subgenres thereof) that do NOT contain the typical “popular” tropes…you know what I’m talking about. Vampires, werewolves…etc. Basically anything Twilight. Just to show everyone that other Paranormal Romances can be just as good, if not better, than the current popularized crap that the established publishers are putting out.

There will be some slight favoring towards indie writers, but I have no problem promoting good traditionally published works that meet this description as well.

I am paying for this site’s advertisement on Facebook, in order to help spread the initial word!

AUTHORS: By liking the page and becoming a fan, you will be able to post on the Wall of the page. To advertise, I recommend putting a short description accompanying a link of your book. When people visit the page, the wall is the first thing they will see! Also, I will take recommendations for “Featured” books, which will be posted by the page itself and thus besides just being on the Wall of the page, will also be seen on fan’s newsfeeds.

READERS: Like the page and feel free to browse for some interesting books to read! Just make sure you like before you go so that you can get updates on some awesome books on your News Feed.

Hope this can help bring some great authors and fans together!

Now to end with a joke: An elephant sees a naked man walking in the desert. The elephant looks the man up and down and shouts: “How do you breathe with that thing!?”


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The Observer Now Available Through Kindle Bookstore!

THE OBSERVER, is now available through the Kindle Marketplace channel on 

For those who don’t know, it is a science fiction novel with a large swath of romance, taking place in the modern day. The “Back of the Book” synopsis is pasted below.


The Observer Cover Page

Gabriel is an Observer: a member of an ancient race that created
Earth and humanity. His task is simple. He observes humans from afar
and reports any sign of interference from The Fallen, people of his
kind who have broken their most important rule: never interact with
humans. But when Gabriel becomes fascinated with the young,
vibrant—and human—Alyssa, it isn’t long before he justifies breaking
the rule himself.

His forbidden association with her doesn’t go unnoticed. The Fallen
seek to recruit him and The Enforcers, a separate caste of his society
who ensure punishment of those who break the rules, force him to
hide—all the while trying to combat a centuries-old plot by The
Fallen to destroy humanity and claim Earth for themselves.

Spending most of his time now with Alyssa in her world, Gabriel
realizes he’s acting more like a human than an Observer, and he must
make a choice: sever all ties with his people, or lose the woman he